Data Protection Service
Here at Ohio ITS we take the information on your hard drive very seriously. We strive to do all we can to protect against accidental data loss. However, any time your computer comes in for repair there is the potential that all or some of your data may be lost. Ohio ITS's data protection service will take a snapshot of your hard drive and store that image on our local storage systems while your computer is here at Ohio ITS. If for any reason your data has to be removed from your hard drive or is lost, this snapshot will be used to restore your computer to the exact condition it was in when it arrived.

The Data Protection Service assumes that Ohio ITS can get to your data to do the snapshot. If we cannot access the data there will be no charge. This service is not a substitute for a full backup, which you should do on a regular basis. Ohio ITS does not take responsibility for or make any guarantees related to your data in manner.
     Hardware Repair
Hardware repairs are handled on a first come first served basis.
A $50 diagnostic fee is collected when you drop off your equipment. When you come in, a technician will spend about ten minutes with you to understand your issues and give you an estimate for the repair. Labor rates for non-warranty, non-contract repairs fall into two different
labor tiers. Tier 1 = $95 plus parts and Tier 2 = $115 plus parts.
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     Data Recovery Service
The charge for data recovery is $250. In some incidents additional steps will be necessary
to complete the data recovery. You will be contacted with a revised estimate before the
work is done.
     On-Site Service
On-Site support requests and hardware repairs are scheduled on a first come first served basis after all contract customer requests have been fulfilled. Rates for non- contract on-site repairs are $115 per hour for a System Engineer (one hour minimum). Additional hours are billed in 15 minute increments (plus parts).
Ohio ITS offers installation service to all of our customers purchasing new equipment.
The steps listed below are followed in determining the charge for this service:
1. Evaluation of new and existing equipment to determine the time needed to
   complete the installation. Compatibility issues are also addressed at this stage.
2. After the new equipment is delivered the Ohio ITS technician will:
          » Unbox product
          » Setup
          » Connect pieces to network
          » Load software
          » Test equipment to establish operability
          » Leave manuals and warranty registration cards for user                                           Installations are quoted in advance of actual install.
ITSResponse, our most comprehensive package, offers "one-stop" multivendor problem resolutions for your business with outstanding response time. ITSResponse provides a reliable support plan for your new and existing computers, applications and networks. Unlike many "insurance" style warranties, with ITSResponse you pay only for what you use. Providing quality service and support in an expeditious and economical manner is our mission. This comprehensive plan guarantees 100% value.
Increase the uptime and productivity of your business systems dramatically by proactively planning for maintenance and fine-tuning of your equipment, applications and networks. ITSAssure provides a trained technician "on your staff". You are assigned the same Ohio ITS trained professional for each visit. Your level of productivity continually improves as our technicians gain greater understanding of your environment. Coverage can include:
          » Help Desk Services
          » Systems assessments
          » Maintenance and upgrades
          » Troubleshooting
          » Workstation relocation - Product evaluation

In addition, your network operating software, servers, routers, hubs, switches and workstations are supported. This program is implemented with a pre-planned schedule that meets your individual needs.
ITSNow, was designed for the critical “I Need It NOW” situations. ITS is your single source for "up and running" phone support. You will have access to our trained professionals who will gladly dial in and provide basic installation, configuration and troubleshooting assistance for most industry-leading applications over the internet. Because this interrupts our repair flow, there will be an additional charge for this service.
Operating Systems Links
OhioITS experience and dedication allow us to provide you with exceptional Apple, Microsoft and Linux repair and support services. Our service is fast and reliable.
OhioITS provides quality service. Our team of Apple Certified and Microsoft Certified Service Technicians and System Engineers are dedicated to providing you with a Best- of-Class experience — and we get it right the first time!

We offer repair service and support for all types of users, home, business, experienced or novice. Our focus areas include education, creative and design, printing, small business and enterprise customers.
     Same Day Service
Occasionally, you may require a repair to be done sooner than our normal turnaround time allows. In these situations, if possible, we can offer an expedite option. Because this interrupts our repair flow, there will be an additional charge for this service.
Apple, Windows, or Linux, we will design the best solution for you! Unlike most IT companies we are not tied down to a single technology. We have the power of all platforms or a mixture of platforms to find the best solution for you.