Quality Service
Ohio ITS stands behind everything it does. If for any reason you are unhappy we will do
everything we can to fix it.
Carry-in, Onsite, Support Contracts or just a simple question. We also offer Remote
Service where we can access your computer and fix it right away. At Ohio ITS we can
handle just about anything. And always with
a smile.
ITS experience and dedication allows us to provide you with exceptional Apple, Windows & Linux repair and support services. Our service is fast and reliable.

ITS provides quality service. Our team of Apple Certified, Linux Certified and Microsoft Certified Service Technicians and System Engineers are dedicated to providing you with the
Best-of-Class experience — and we get it right the first time.

Why Intelligent Technology Solutions?
About Our Company
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     Affordable Pricing
We offer different levels of services & prices to fit any budget. If you require an
immediate response we can handle that and it will not cost you a fortune.
We are proud in supplying the very best certified services technicians. At ITS we are
investing into staying current with the ever evolving technology. This is so that we may serve our customers the latest in
technology changes.
At Ohio ITS we believe in being fair and honest. This philosophy has allowed us to grow considerably since our opening in March 1997. Along with our beliefs we provide the best solution for the client without the limitations to a single platform. With over 25 years of
experience in technology consulting we have discovered to think outside the box.